Teach Your Hands To Play Anything You Want!

These easy, simple, short exercises will DRAMATICALLY improve your guitar playing.  You will play with better accuracy (no more wrong notes) and be able to play lighting fast with beautiful tone.

Do you have rebellious hands?  Having trouble learning that new song?

Take the guesswork out of your guitar technique. 

These simple, easy to learn, easy to practice daily exercises will transform your guitar technique, I guarantee it.  

Teach your hands to play what YOU want and get ready for people to remark ‘you make it look so easy’.  

3 easy-to-follow courses in one bundle:

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List Of Videos:


Guitar | Daily Right Hand Exercises:


Who Are These Exercises For?

What Do These Exercises Do?

Which Guitar To Use

Which Pick To Use

Why No Fingerstyle Exercises?


TAB *Download Here*



Major Arpeggios - Lesson

Major Arpeggios - Playalong



Chromatic 16ths - Lesson

Chromatic 16ths - Playalong (Down - Up)

Chromatic 16ths - Playalong (Up-Down)



The Spider - Lesson

The Spider - Playalong (104 bpm)

The Spider - Playalong (138 bpm)

Closing / Q&A

A Special Thanks

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Guitar | Daily Left Hand Exercises:


Who Are These Exercises For?

What Is The Purpose Of These Exercises?

Which Guitar To Use

Why You Must Stretch First



TAB *Download Here*



Index & Middle

Middle & Ring

Ring & Pinky

Legato 1

Legato 2

Legato 3

Legato 4

Closing / Q&A

Why Daily Practice Is Key


Stretching Daily Exercises:



Guitar: Sitting vs Standing

Essential Stretches

Cross Arm Stretch 

Overhead Triceps Stretch

Wrists & Thumbs

Self Massage Techniques

Pectoral Massage

Thumb Massage

Forearm Massage

Additional Exercises



Jump Rope



My name is Joe Robinson, I am the owner and creator of InvisbleTechnique.com

I have been playing these daily exercises for close to 20 years now.

I have toured the world playing guitar with some of the best in the biz and I am here to tell you - guitar practice does NOT need be frustrating, confusing or intimidating.  I am a very practical person.  In all my teaching I lay out clear guidelines of what to do, how to do it, and why we do it.  My goal is to give you a series of EFFICIENT exercises to not waste your valuable practice time.  Deliberate practice is key to making dramatic progress. These exercises give you a framework to build excellent technique that will serve your music.

Here is what the press has said about me:


"A jaw-dropping virtuoso"


“Real-time acoustic guitar solos, filled with so much springy counterpoint that sometimes it's hard to believe he's playing alone.”

 -New York Times

 "Breathtaking electric and acoustic guitar virtuosity"

-Guitar Player Magazine

 "In a city of monster guitar players, Joe Robinson is a dragon slayer."  

-Nashville Scene

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